As we enjoy the festive season, surrounded by family and loved ones, it’s important to reflect on how fortunate we are in relative terms. As we approach 2024, we find ourselves in a world still marked by divisions and not at peace.


Current events in Israel, Ukraine, and beyond are shaping the narrative of tomorrow’s history. These global occurrences serve as reminders of the fragility of society, prompting us to acknowledge how easily peace can be disrupted.


It seems as though society has lost its way, with echoes of past turmoil resonating in present-day conflicts. History, with its lessons, implores us to learn from both significant and subtle moments. One lesson that has become apparent, even on a smaller scale, is that the same forces are at play regardless of the impact’s magnitude. Individual acts with self-serving agendas, fuelled by a love of power, underscore the challenges we face.


As we approach 2024, there is an opportunity for transformative change, empowering individuals to realise their full potential. This shift should redistribute power from those who seek it for its own sake to those who draw empowerment from love.


Embracing this moment calls for small changes at home that can yield substantial impacts globally. In line with this vision, we are launching our global charity, dedicated to realizing a sustainable future across the pillars of humanity, society, economy, and the environment.

The charity aims to support individuals, families, schools, groups, organizations, and corporations in fast-tracking their sustainability journeys. Beginning with an ambition to make the UK a beacon of sustainability, our ripple effect extends to the Commonwealth and beyond.

This journey, our butterfly effect, starts today. Let’s forge a lasting legacy for future generations, steering the course towards a more sustainable and harmonious world.

Live Life Love International

Charity & services company providing support to individuals, families, groups, schools, organisations & companies with their own journeys through sustainability.

Fifty2nd State

Incubator platform associated with the Charity. Focused on driving business & societal changing using a combination of innovation, venture capital & infrastructure.

Vine Odyssey

B2B supplier focused on providing sustainable products & services to the vineyard industry, as well as other relevant sectors within the sustainable agriculture sector.

Saunton Vineyard

A boutique vineyard in North Devon. The vineyard is planted on south-west facing slopes, enjoying uninterrupted views over Braunton Burrows & the North Devon coast.